Tencent's next big deals, propaganda games for the party, ByteDance's forthcoming midcore titles, Genshin Impact lookalikes, Alibaba takes games abroad, the fight against platforms continues...
The first issue of China Games News Roundup in 2021 is here!
Here are my picks of 2020's best gaming articles as appeared on WaPo, NYT, Bloomberg, FT, VentureBeat, PolyGon, a16z, GamesIndustry.biz, and others.
Happy New Year! In 2020, I profiled miHoYo of Genshin fame, Tencent's Honor of Kings, Chinese game engine Cocos, ByteDance' expansion into games, and…
Featuring a blast from the past: The top ten games about China (that aren’t from China)
Also addressing a WSJ piece called If You Play Videogames, China May Be Spying on You.
Genshin makes US$245m on mobile in the first month. Moonlight Blade made US$50m in 7 days. Party Animals saw 113k concurrent players. Records? What…
The guy, snubbed by Tencent, created the first national hit on mobile, and the gaming industry was forever changed.
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